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The Greatest Silk Road
In every project we incorporate creativity, use innovative technology and try unique ways in projecting 3D-mapping. This project was not an exclusion since ...
Festival of Light in Riga
Autumn festival of light in Riga – it is a colorful celebration for citizens and visitors of the city, many technological innovations and bright installations ...
We are the awardee of LAMA Festival
The first advertising festival in Belarus called LAMA (Local Аdvertising & Marketing Аwards) took place in Minsk. The event included best creative projects ...
Mapping is a word which is famous for majority of advertising and event market representatives. It’s impossible to imaging large-scale city event, car ...
The victory at Odessa Light Fest
What if we put together the first festival of light and media-art in Ukraine, 7 countries-participants and 30 days of preparation? As a result we get 3 ...
Gratitude for creating the project
In the beginning of 2016 we created a unique and spectacular project for the final event of the art competition «Dress a la Keramin». This show combined ...
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