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An important part of every event is elaboration and creation of proper decoration of the space, which reflects creative event conception.

This kind of art let transform the space and transfer all the guests in time created on the stage, thus enhance the influence of graphic and plastic image.

Which can be decorations

As decorations we used both natural living elements and metal products, plastics and wood. Real trees, rose petals and grass make guests feel closer to nature, create informal atmosphere and relax the visitors. Neon elements made of plastics transfer into a futuristic world and send the important message:  with the help of technologies the future is closer than it seems. Metal structures and three-dimensional installations set the tone for the evening, and create an impression of a strong self-confident company.

What are decorations needed for

Unique decorations and proper arrangement of lighting installation let draw attention to necessary zones of the platform, extend the space and add more spectacularity. Depending on the location and theme the scenography can be detailed or laconic. We create unique three-dimensional decorations for every event which also can be a base for 3d mapping. Several levels of decorations maximally increase the space and make multi-level light and projection show.

Our team creates unique decorations for every project. We are full of ideas, which will make the event unforgettable and we have enough opportunities for bringing even the most challenging ideas to life.