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In every project we incorporate creativity, use innovative technology and try unique ways in projecting 3D-mapping. This project was not an exclusion since the creation of show in the name of Amusing Celebration of Spring happened to be a good tradition in our company.

This year the event was not only dedicated to Chinese New Year but also to 25th years since the Chinese-Belarusian diplomatic relationship began.

About Plot

The festive evening had a poetic name: Love to silk road as flower rain. It was very convenient that our mapping set well in the program of events. We conveyed the story of the greatest silk road through visual images and dance from charming dancers.

Choreographic set transmitted the mood of a unique sound filling and underlined the plot of a story. Video took our audience back in time, telling them about the creation of famous commercial pathway and legends that surrounded it.

Technologies used in creation

In this particular project, we used volatilized stage decorations that framed the stage. Furthermore, traditional Chinese decorations were used which you can find in every house of Chinese person on Spring celebration eve.  Chinese lights and flowers were hanging on the upper part, filling with scenography with bright celebrating accents.

The main element, without which the main image would not be finished, was mesh net. This material is absolutely invisible for the audience’s eyes was the one that we used to create a multidimensional projection. This way, female dancer was situated between the volatized decorations and mesh canvas. Projections of content were on all of the parts of scenography, which created an effect of full immersion of the main character into the plot.

It was indeed a fascinating project which you can enjoy through video report already! While you watching our video report, we hardly working on a new project. What kind of project and where it will take place- all of that you will find out in our upcoming news.