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We decided to dedicate the first article in our blog to detailed description of our activity. Our work consists of a few important components that make every project bright, creative and unforgettable.

1. Work on location. Before starting work we examine event site, chose right position for locations and make necessary measurements. We pay special attention to 3D-mask of a building (if 3D mapping will be created). It helps to prepare quality offer for a client because we take into consideration a location and then specify all the components for event. While working with light and projection show it’s very important to have a full image of the location and shape of an object. It helps to evaluate complication of future 3D projection and makes us ready for any kind of difficulties.

2. Creativity. Our creative department sets to generation of ideas and script-writing, that embodies in a form of sketches for a concept. We analyze characters that could disclose sense of vide-content as well as find its reflection in decorations. We work along on script and detailed description of video and story.

3. Elaboration of scenography. With the help of decorations any space can be somehow changed, complemented and fit into the overall concept. We create unique volumetric decorations which can serve as photo zone, scene framing and further could be used as a surface for light and projection show.

4. 3D-mapping. We pay special attention to this vibrant part of event. We start our work from inspiration and search of vivid images. After that we create a storyline which is a foundation of story. Based on it we build the first sketches, which will then be used as moodboard. After that we turn to photoscript, taking into account the geometry of selected surface for video mapping and written script. The result is a storyboard, which gives free rein for further development of stages. We create the most detailed sketches, which are projected on a building maquette. Only after all the aspects are taken into account and the project is fully prepared we transfer created video content to the site in order to leave a bright trace in memory of the audience.

5. Original soundtrack/music. Any show requires powerful sound and a catchy soundtrack. That is why we work with composers who find right tunes for transmission of images and emotions. Sometimes this part of project may take a long time, because it is important for us to achieve a perfect transmission of sense by the story of mapping as well as its sound. We often invite famous singers and musicians who surprise and delight audience with live sound and their virtuosity during the show.

6. Acting. It is very important to blur the border of reality and fiction during a show. That is why characters reflected in 3D mapping often appear on stage in culmination. We are experimenting with choreography and work of talented actors what adds a bright emphasis, makes the show even more dynamic and helps to get closer to the audience.

7. Management. It is important not only to consider all components of an event but also to implement them. That is why we carefully treat each project and make sure that everything is done on time and with high quality. Our managers coordinate any project from the very beginning to the end, quickly solve any appearing issues and skillfully control the process.

8. Experiments. We are interested in experiments, that is why confluence of styles, participating of talented actors and recording of unique music really captivate us and are often used in events that we create. In every project we express the full depth of creative concept and create a real wow-effect. After all it is this synergy that creates a cluster of creativity and art “Fourth Dimension”.

Undoubtedly while preparing for any event, there are many nuances and details that we pay attention to. Every event consists of such details. But we are madly in love with preparation process and the final result of each project. After all this tremendous work that is!