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Mapping is a word which is famous for majority of advertising and event market representatives. It’s impossible to imaging large-scale city event, car dealership, organization of promotional or corporative event, performance of solo singers or DJs as well as brightest festivals and fashion shows without mapping. We pay special attention to this service, that’s why we decided to consider its peculiarities in more details.

What is 3D-video mapping

The name comes from English words “video” and “mapping”, which contained the sense of this service. This kind of art combines high-quality video content and audio support, combination of which creates bright story. The projection is directed to various objects such as buildings, cars, decorations or even trees.

How 3D-mapping is created

The process of light and projection show creating) is quite time-consuming and includes a lot of components. Our work can be divided into following stages:

1. Idea and script. The work starts after  a client fills the brief, which contains the main information about event and wishes to the service. Then we select appropriate place according to the type of the event and the specialization of the company. At the same time we start to think the ideas which will become a base for the script. The story can be both a legend or philosophical parable and modern story or collection of bright elements. The script describes the image transformation and development of creative ideas for the project.

2. Moodboard and sketches. At this stage we create moodboard with the examples of the pictures which harmonize with style and mood of written script. It’s (a kind of technical design specification for our designers, who will draw the sketches of created images. This way we put all the elements together and create sketches of conception on chosen stage.

3. Storyboard and style-frame. Then we evaluate in details the size and form of building, and possibility to display video on it. We create detailed storyboard to understand if all the moments were taken into account. Style-frames make the sketches maximally close to final content due to high level of detalization. We show these sketches on the maquette of the building to be sure that we work in the right direction.

4. Design and Animation. After that, designers start the detailed drawing of all the elements and make them "real" through animation.

5. Sound. There is no word “audio” in the name of service, but that doesn’t mean that the visual part should not be accompanied by sounds. Obviously, it’s important to influence all audience’s senses of perception, that’s why it’s important to add proper music, sound design and special effects. It is important that both audio and video really “work together” immersing the audience in the world that we created.

6. Work with the artists. At this stage we work with experienced artists and talented dancers. Our choreographers practice every move of participants until it becomes automatic to achieve complete synchronicity with video.

7. The dress rehearsal. On this final straight we check once again the platform and installed decorations, lighting equipment and sound and rehearse with artists a lot of times.

Of course, the number of components of the video mapping preparation can increase, because for every project the number of participants for every project changes. Each new work has nothing common with the previous one. The new 3D-mapping is the next step to show the full beauty of this art. That is why we shoot our projects and produce audiovisual materials, which are necessary for video editing at the Internet.