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In Minsk took place a reward of Belarusian agencies which were the most creative and professional when creating projects in 2016 for their clients. AKMA ( Association of Communications and Marketing Agencies) took into account results of 25 festivals and competitions. Medal positions and those that were presented in the shortlist in each festival adds points to participant and value and fame of competition effects on used coefficient.

According to projects results, highlighted with awards in 2016, Cluster of creativity and art Fourth Dimension took 3rd place in craftsmanship rating in 2016. In this category actions of the agency were taken into account, which develops in the production direction, and those that create projects in Belarus and outside its borders.

Alexander Nekhvedovich leader of Cluster of creativity and art Fourth Dimension before hand was a member of Expert Council Award of Marketing and Advertising and was invited to solemn awarding.