Digital transformation of movie pre-production


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Описание проекта

"Digital transformation of movie pre-production" is an online conference that took place as part of the Berlin Film Festival. Interesting speakers, discussion of trends and innovations in film production and, of course, forecasts for the future took place there.

Significant personalities in the world of cinema, technology and finance were among the invited speakers:

  • Roger Christian - set decorator, director and director, who won an Oscar for his work on Star Wars;
  • Will Cardwell, who is an investor with many years of experience;
  • Simona Wasite-Kudakauske, the CEO of Perfection42, where she and her team develop CGI and help game creators with customizable AI tools;
  • Vladimir Ovsienko, the Executive Director of Business Development at Respeecher, which received an Emmy for innovative developments in the system of voice cloning;
  • Egor Dubrovsky, Andrey Karalkov and Ruslan Khamidullin, who spoke about their Filmustage project - a web service that automates the process of processing film scripts, using neural network technologies.

Our team was responsible for the technical support of the broadcast and here are the results:

  • a chat for viewers, where they could chat and ask questions to the speakers
  • beautiful and clear graphic design of the broadcast
  • dynamic scenario of the event

It was a rewarding experience for our team, as well as another experience in conducting an online event.




Digital transformation of movie pre-production




2022 год



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