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Mapping is a technology that allows to project videos and images on various objects, generally of complex shape or surface. With the help of mapping you could arrange real show program on the street or inside the building. This show will certainly be eye-catching and spectacular for all the audience.

3D-mapping technology allows to animate buildings, cars or elements of interior, giving them a visual mobility. Ordinary projectors are used in order to create volumetric images. The whole "magic" of a show, created with the use of mapping technology, leaves truly unforgettable impression.

A significant peculiarity of mapping is uniqueness: each project is created for a particular client, taking into account selected location, and this very project could not be repeated for other decorations. It gives you a possibility to make an unforgettable and unequalled event that will fully plunges guests into atmosphere of created world.

While creating an advertising campaign this service helps to emphasize the importance of a brand and strengthen its interaction with the audience. During events and entertainment programs 3D-mapping changes geometry of space, plays with details of scenery and completely plunges the viewer into the broadcast story.

This service could help you to create a projection show indoors and on buildings, on cars and on unusual surfaces.

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